8 Ways to Use Live Plants and Florals in Your Trade Show Booth

In the competitive landscape of trade shows and expos in Las Vegas, you want to find ways to stand out and attract the right attention. Incorporating live plants and florals into your booth can prove to be a strategic and visually appealing choice.

From creating a welcoming entrance to your booth to promoting well-being and sustainability, the benefits of live plant rental extend far beyond just aesthetics.

The way you dress your trade show booth is a visual representation of your brand and can significantly impact the impression you make on attendees.

A thoughtfully designed booth that is aligned with your brand identity can communicate professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. The visual appeal and cohesion of your booth will attract visitors and leave a lasting impression that can translate into greater business opportunities.

Here are effective ways to use live plants and florals in your trade show booth.

1. Create a More Elegant Entrance

You can start creating a memorable experience right at the entrance of your trade show booth.

Place vibrant potted plants and floral arrangements around the entrance to captivate the attention of the attendees as they approach.

This sets a good tone for their visit to your booth and can really brighten up the space.

Wood container with four flowering plants creating a short wall in a shop

2. Guide With Greenery

Greenery in your booth can be used to guide attendees.

Place them along the pathways or around key product displays as a way to naturally direct traffic and encourage further exploration of your offerings.

3. Create Tranquillity With Your Tabletop

You can use live plant rental services to bring a touch of nature to the tabletops in your trade show booth.

Incorporate small potted plants, a succulent here and there, or miniature floral arrangements to boost aesthetic appeal and provide attendees with a refreshing break from the typical trade show environment.

These plants and bouquets make perfect centerpieces for all your table displays.

4. Hanging Gardens

You can maximize the vertical space you have available in your trade show booth by suspending hanging plants or floral installations above the booth. These plants and flowers draw the eye upward and create a sense of depth and dimension in the space.

This real touch of nature makes the booth stand out more in an otherwise crowded exhibition hall or event space.

rings of greenery hanging from an exhibit hall at a trade show event

5. Living Backdrops

You can also use living backdrops to transform your booth.

Strategically place larger indoor plants like a topiary tree, large potted plants, palm tree, or bamboo tree behind product displays or as a backdrop for presentations.

This approach adds a lush, organic element to your booth and enhances the overall visual experience for attendees.

6. Brand Blossoms

Infuse your brand identity and colors into the floral arrangements you use.

Whether it’s through color-coordinated blooms or incorporating your logo into the design, branded florals make a lasting impression and reinforce your company’s identity.

7. Focal Point Foliage

You can create a focal point within your booth using a statement plant or an eye-catching floral arrangement.

This can draw attention to specific areas of the booth, such as a new product launch or a featured service to ensure that attendees remember these key highlights when visiting your booth.

8. Conversation Corners

Designate a cozy seating area within your booth and complement that area with some lush greenery.

The addition of live plants creates a much more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It encourages attendees to linger, engage in conversations, and learn more about your brand and what you do.

Benefits of Florals and Live Plant Rentals

Yes, you can use faux plants and artificial flowers in your trade show booth, but choosing a live plant rental instead contributes to a much more vibrant and welcoming exhibit.

More Authenticity and Aesthetics

Live plants provide a natural and more authentic look that artificial plants can’t always replicate.

The lush greenery and vibrant colors of live plants create a visually appealing atmosphere, making your booth more memorable.

bouquet of pink and white flowers on a white table

Creates a More Positive Atmosphere

The right live plants also contributes positivity.

The presence of real foliage enhances air quality by releasing oxygen and absorbing pollutants. This creates a healthier and more comfortable environment for both booth staff and attendees.

Allows for Customization and Variety

Live plant rental allows for a wide variety of plant species and floral arrangements, providing flexibility when it comes to tailoring the green elements in the booth to match the theme and brand.

You can choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors to create a more customized and cohesive look.

Engages the Senses

Live plants also engage the senses. The natural fragrances of the flowers and the texture of the leaves contribute to a sensory-rich experience for attendees while leaving a lasting impression.

A More Cost-Effective Solution

Plant rental services can be a cost-effective option compared to purchasing and maintaining your own plants.

It eliminates the need for any long-term commitment and diminishes the challenges involved with transporting and caring for the plants between events.

Reduced Waste

Looking for eco-friendly booth options?

Live plant rental services also reduce waste compared to the disposable nature of artificial plants and faux flowers. You return the plants to the rental service after the event, minimizing your environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable approach to exhibiting.

Tall cork container with large live plants at a trade show booth.

Live Plant and Flower Arrangement Placement

Strategically placing living plants in your trade show booth can enhance the overall aesthetic, create more visual interest, and guide the flow of traffic, as we highlighted above.

Consider the following suggestions for different sizes and shapes of live plants.

  • Entrance: Place large potted plants or a striking floral arrangement at the entrance of the booth. This will immediately capture the attention of the attendees.
  • Pathways: Smaller potted plants or lower floral arrangements can be used to line the pathways within the booth.
  • Tabletops: Smaller plants, succulents, and mini floral arrangements can be used on tabletops and won’t obstruct the view of your products or displays.
  • Height Variation: Introduce height variation by incorporating both tall and short plants. Taller plants can serve as focal points or can create a living backdrop. Shorter plants can be strategically placed on tables or at the base of your display.
  • Focal Point Foliage: Designate specific areas within the booth as focal points. Feature a standout plant or eye-catching floral arrangement.
  • Booth Corners: Taller plants can be used in booth corners and can help fill up the vertical space and create a more dynamic and visually appealing environment.

When choosing plants for your trade show booth, make sure to find those that align with your booth’s aesthetic and theme. Also, be mindful of any venue restrictions on live plants.

Contact Expo Ease ahead of your next trade show event to discuss live plant rental and event florals to take your booth up a few notches.

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