Smart Questions to Ask an Event Plant Rental Service

Plants have a way of taking command of the room.

They set a certain ambiance, they immediately catch the eye, and they’re perfect for creating different atmospheres depending on the types of plants you choose.

Plants are known to boost well-being, ease stress, and set a more comfortable environment no matter where they are.

For trade shows, incorporating plants into your exhibit might be just what you’re looking for to give your design the wow factor.

A plant rental service is an excellent resource for finding plants for your trade show booth. Plant rental services work with more than just trade shows, and may be found providing arrangements for corporate events, banquets and more.

Some plant rental companies primarily work with interiorscapes. It’s important to know which type of plant rental service or floral provider you’re scoping out to ensure they’re the right fit for your needs.

Not all services are created equally.

For maximum impact, you want a service that not just has the plants you’re looking for but has an eye for service and quality as well.

Finding that type of service is easy, and it simply takes asking the right questions.

Plant Selection And Design

Plant selection and design are two of the most important elements of plant rental. Afterall, you’re going to be using these plants to further your brand message or your exhibit theme, and you’ll want to pull this off well.

When seeking out a plant rental service, make sure to ask if they have a wide variety of available plants. Different sizes, styles, and colors will help to build the design of your space.

row of tall and short plants in black pots against a white background

It’s not just what kind of plants a plant rental service may have, it’s also what they’re able to do with them. Custom arrangements and installations take plants and turn them into something that represents your brand or your exhibit theme.

Always ask a plant rental service if they’re able to customize your selections to best suit your vision.

If you’ve never created a plant arrangement for an exhibit before, it pays to have the eyes of a professional on your side. Asking if a particular service offers design consultations ensures you can work together to maximize the effect of your arrangement within your space.

Logistics And Delivery

In order to have plants in your space, you’ll need to get them there first, and transporting plants isn’t always easy.

Asking questions regarding logistics and delivery ensures your desired plant rental service will be able to meet your needs without adding additional stress to your set-up or breakdown during a trade show.

  • Is your chosen service familiar with your venue?
  • Do they know where the loading dock is?
  • Do they have all necessary insurances and permits to work on the property?

When asking about logistics and delivery, first ask what set up and breakdown services a particular plant rental service provides.

  • Do they handle all delivery, set up, maintenance, and removal for the event?
  • Do they handle only some of these services?
  • What would occur if a plant took damage should you be responsible for your own transportation?

Ideally, the plant rental service should take care of the setup, maintenance, and removal to take any stress out of renting plants for your exhibit.

Turnaround times may also vary from service to service, and you’ll want to make sure they’re suitable for your specific timeline.

Ask your desired plant rental service what their typical turnaround times are and if they can accommodate your schedule before relying on them to supply your plants.

tall brown planter box in a room with colorful plants on top

Experience And Expertise

Experience matters in plant rental services. Always ask for a portfolio that shows off past work, so you can get a good idea of what you can expect from any arrangement or specific plant rentals you’re interested in.

A key question, “Has the rental service worked with brands or at events like yours before?” If so, you can rest assured they have the knowledge to successfully execute your plant setup.

Asking about industry knowledge is just as important as asking for a portfolio. If they’ve worked in trade shows or corporate events before, they likely already have knowledge of regulations and best practices.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure the health of these plants is protected. An experienced plant rental service knows that plants, as living things, can be unpredictable at times. Asking about their care and replacement policies is key to ensuring you’ll have healthy and robust plants during your trade show.

Cost And Terms

Pricing structures differ between plant rental services, so making sure you’re familiar with any specific pricing structure is important. Does this rental service charge by the plant, use a flat fee, or do they make use of another pricing structure? Detailed quotes let you know exactly what is in the budget.

No one likes to be surprised by additional fees, so clearing up any questions here is crucial as well.

Make sure to ask a plant rental service if delivery, maintenance, or special requests come with any additional fees on top of your quoted price.

Insurance is peace of mind, and this rings true in plant rental as well. A desirable plant rental service should carry liability insurance in the event anything happens to the venue or plants during the course of the trade show or other events.

Getting to know your plant rental service ahead of booking ensures you’ll be able to set your mind at ease when it comes to incorporating plants into your trade show exhibit or corporate event. The only way to really get to know a plant rental service before booking is to ask questions; and answering these questions should be no issue to a professional and experienced rental service.

We offer options from large floor plants to smaller blooming plants to help create an atmosphere within your exhibit – no matter the size or theme. If you’re wondering how to incorporate plants into your Las Vegas area event, you can simply view our plant catalog or contact us to answer your questions during a full consultation.

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