From Nervous to Natural: How to Talk on Camera Like a Pro

Did you know in the fast-paced world of trade shows, effective on-camera communication can prove to be the key to attracting potential clients, making more memorable impressions, and ultimately boosting the presence of your brand?

In this guide, we will show you how to talk on camera while brimming with confidence and offer tips on turning that nervousness into charisma. Plus, we’ll offer ways to use video for ongoing communication and what to do with leads after a trade show.

Whether you are a seasoned trade show veteran or this is your first time, these tips will help you become an expert and learn how to talk on camera.

1. Prepare Your Content

Before even getting in front of the camera, the first step is to ensure your message is clear and concise. Outline your key talking points and rehearse your script until you are comfortable with what you have to say.

This level of preparation helps you speak more naturally and confidently, even when the spotlight is shining right on you.

2. Get to Know Your Audience

Understanding who your target audience is will also prove essential. Tailor your message to resonate with trade show attendees that you hope to attract.

Make sure to address their pain points, needs, and interests.

The goal here is to engage and connect with potential clients, so you want to speak their language to draw them in.

photo of a video camera filming a persona in the background.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice happens to be one of the secrets to confidence.

Rehearse what you are going to say on camera several times. You can do this alone or in front of colleagues or friends. You can even use a mirror or record yourself while practicing to evaluate your body language, tone, and delivery before the real video is captured. This is also helpful so you don’t find yourself with too many pauses or saying “umm” too many times.

4. Master Your Body Language

A person’s body language, including facial expressions and hand gestures, speaks volumes in person as well as on camera.

Always maintain good posture, relax, make eye contact with the camera, and use open and welcoming gestures.

Don’t fidget or cross your arms; this conveys nervousness and makes you appear a bit standoffish and less approachable.

5. Connect Emotionally

The best way to engage with your audience on a more emotional level is by injecting some enthusiasm and energy into your videography or sales presentation.

Flash a genuine smile, use vocal and verbal variation, and never be afraid to show your audience passion for what you are doing.

a photo of a man in a gray suit smiling in front of a video camera that another person is holding.

6. Overcome Nervousness

Everyone gets nervous. It is completely normal and sometimes unavoidable. However, there are strategies you can use to help you overcome it.

Take deep breaths, visualize your success, and remind yourself that you are the expert here.

Embrace your nervous energy and use it to show your excitement and enthusiasm.

7. Utilize Technology

Familiarize yourself with the camera you will be using.

It is always a good idea to test out all the equipment ahead of time so you can avoid any technical hiccups when it is time for the real thing.

Smooth presentations come off as much more confident.

8. Dress the Part

Choose professional attire that aligns with your brand and the atmosphere at the trade show event. When choosing your attire, consider company-branded shirts that match your brand’s colors.

Business casual is also big in a trade show setting and is appropriate. This can include dress slacks, a button-up shirt, a blazer, and comfortable, stylish shoes.

Neutral tones like black, gray, navy, and white are timeless and versatile options and can be easily paired with your brand colors and other accessories.

Dressing the part can boost your confidence while also leaving a lasting impression

9. Engage With the Audience

When you engage with your audience on camera, you create a more memorable and authentic connection.

Just because you are on video doesn’t mean you can’t encourage interactions by asking questions or inviting their feedback.

Your video can be used for ongoing communication with your target audience.

10. Choose the Right Background

If you plan to film within your trade show booth or display area, make sure everything is well-organized and visually appealing. You can use banners, signage, and product displays as a backdrop or film on the trade show floor for a more authentic and dynamic backdrop.

A green screen can give you complete control over the background. Natural light is also a good option, so try shooting near windows or outdoors if you can.

infographic of how to talk on camera tips.

Using Video for Ongoing Communication

Video for ongoing communication and marketing during and after a trade show event can prove to be a powerful strategy for maintaining engagement and building relationships. It is also effective for marketing strategies, retargeting, and promotions.

Pre-Trade Show Event Promotion

You can create short teaser videos or trailers announcing your trade show participation. These videos can be shared on your social media channels, website, and email newsletters. They can generate interest and excitement ahead of the event.

Live Streaming During the Event

You can use streaming platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube Live to showcase live product demos, share industry expert interviews, or highlight behind-the-scenes glimpses of your trade show booth during the show.

Video Content Creation During the Event

Use video to capture testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers or enthusiastic trade show attendees. This footage can be used in future marketing efforts.

photo of a man in a gray suit talking in front of two video cameras while a woman in a green dress watches.

Post-Event Recap Videos

Create a highlight reel you can use for marketing, showcasing the trade show event’s most memorable moments, interactions with the attendees, and some key takeaways. The video can be shared on social media, and you can send follow-ups to those on your email list to remind them of your brand’s presence.

Follow Up Videos

Wondering what to do with leads after a trade show? You can use video to create personalized thank you’s and follow-up messages and convey your call to action. You can use videography to follow up with leads and contacts you made at the trade show and incorporate them into your marketing efforts and ongoing communication.

Equipment Best Practices

Careful planning and an eye for detail are important when filming a video for trade show events. This is how you wind up with a high-quality and engaging final product. If you are unsure what kind of camera to use or how to keep your shots steady, consider hiring a professional photographer.

Contact Expo Ease today to discuss all of your professional videography needs. Leave the equipment and logistics to us.

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